The Power of Inclusion in Uganda

A group of Indigenous people in Uganda working on community development with a USAID-supported researcher. / Makerere University-ResilientAfrica Network

The Power of Inclusion in Uganda

Around the world, USAID incorporates practices and policies into our programs to ensure that Indigenous peoples’ rights are upheld and their voices heard. Uganda is home to a rich diversity of Indigenous peoples — including the Benet, the Tepeth, the Batwa, the Ik, and the Basongora — and it is critically important to include their perspectives when addressing development challenges that impact their communities. Each group faces their own unique challenges and historically have been excluded from most opportunities such as social services that other Ugandans enjoy.

In an effort to address this, USAID’s Mission in Uganda tapped three universities. With a consortium of higher education researchers around the world, USAID’s LASER PULSE (short for Long-Term Assistance and Services for Research Partners for University-Led Solutions Engine) is uniquely able to investigate a wide range of topics.

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