Research for Development (R4D) Conference – Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 2022 

LASER PULSE Research For Development (R4D) Workshop, Ethiopia

September 20-21, 2022

Inter Luxury Hotel – Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Transforming the Paradigm in the Partnership Model for Research Translation-Derived Development Solutions

Program (With Agenda)

R4D Ethiopia Cover
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Ethiopia’s Productive Safety Net Program & USAID Resilience Research and Learning Trends Aaron Spencer Resilience Research and Learning Program Advisor Office of Relief and Resilience Bureau of Humanitarian Affairs USAID Ethiopia
Henning Cover
The Need for Research Translation and Research Driven Solutions to Global Development Challenges Margaret Henning, Ph.D Senior Learning Advisor, USAID Ethiopia
Mayega cover
Fostering Resilience of Communities Through Innovations: The Resilient Africa Network (RAN) Experience Dr. Roy William Mayega Deputy Chief of Party, RAN
Gupta Cover
Long-Term Assistance & Services for Research Partners for University-Led Solutions Engine Pallavi Gupta Program Director LASER PULSE Purdue University
Muluken cover
Youth Empowerment through Livelihood Transformation in Agro-Pastoral Areas of East and West Hararghe Zones, Oromia Regional State, Ethiopia Muluken G. Wordofa (Ph.D.) Principal Investigator
Ridding Cover
Embedded Research Translation: An Innovative Model for Collaborative Research Impact Dr. Laura Riddering Catholic Relief Services (CRS)
Alvis cover
USAID Higher Education Learning Agenda Samantha Alvis, Ph.D. Senior Advisor, Higher Education Center for Education USAID/Washington
Partnering with Higher Education Institutions for Development Research: Reflections from LASER PULSE Yuehwern Yih, Ph.D Academic Director, LASER PULSE Professor School of Industrial Engineering Purdue University
Scanlon cover
Effective Partnership and Research for Development: The Academic Model Providing Access to Healthcare (AMPATH) Story Michael Scanlon Assistant Director of Research Indiana University Center for Global Health and Academic Model Providing Access to Healthcare
Connaughton Cover
A System, Networks, and Human-Centered Design Approach to Assessing the Resilience of Ethiopian Communities Experiencing Recurring Violent Conflict Shocks Stacey Connaughton, Ph.D. Purdue University
Mengsteab Cover
Increasing Youth Engagement While Mitigating Potential for Conflict in Ethiopia Mesele Mengsteab Ph.D. Addis Ababa University
Wells Cover
LOCALIZATION AND USAID Brent Wells Program Officer, Research Division Innovation,Technology & Research Hub (ITR)