The New – An Overview of all the Features

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The New – An Overview of all the Features

We are delighted  to bring to you a new interactive, interconnected platform with a variety of features including our new online community forum exclusively for our members. The new features new ways to connect with your fellow LASER PULSE members including a revamped sector search, map search, and chatbot to guide you in locating members in the network. Our new blog features stories of interest within the LASER PULSE network, current events including the new LASER Focused series. And last, but not least, our new community member forum which provides a plethora of ways to connect, interact, communicate and network with all of the members of LASER PULSE.

In order to take advantage of all of these new features, we are asking you to please take each of the following steps. By doing so, you are assisting the network to fully function the way it is designed and also aiding the interconnectivity of the LASER PULSE network.

First (if you have not already done so), please reset your password. Simply click login (top left of the website), then click “forgot your password” in the dialogue box and follow the prompts. You will receive a validation link in your email inbox with instructions on how to reset your password. 

Once you have reset your password, please login to the site and update your profile. You can do this by hovering over your name in the top right of the website, then clicking on “Edit Profile.”

Finally, please visit the new community forum ( You may use your credentials to login to this site. The first time you login, you will have to complete another set of profile questions. This is separate from the website profile, but should only take a couple minutes to complete. Explore the topics (located on the left side of the forum). Start with this post to learn about the system.

We hope you get the chance to take these steps and begin interacting with the LASER PULSE community in the variety of new ways.

We also plan to showcase some of these new features in the future, starting with the LASER Focused Webinar series on November 3. Details on how to register for that webinar are located here: Hope to see you there!

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