Enduring Results Study 3.0

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Enduring Results Study 3.0

Enduring Results Study 3.0, led by USAID, CRS, and Accenture Development Partnership, is one of the LASER PULSE research studies under Private Sector Engagement buy-in.

This study is the third in the series of Enduring Results Studies (ERS), which collect and disseminate evidence on the drivers of sustainability and scale in USAID’s partnerships with the private sector. Enduring Results 3.0 examines the factors that contribute to the continuity of activities and outcomes, and the role that partners play in enabling enduring results. This study explores what activities and/or outcomes from private sector partnerships endured two or more years after USAID’s formal funding ended and seeks to create a better understanding of the factors that support enduring results.

The findings will be shared in the webinar hosted by the Society for International Development DC group on April 2nd (Tuesday) 10-11:30 am EDT.  Please join us.

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