New Online Trainings Available

New Online Trainings Available

LASER PULSE would like to make you aware of new online training modules available to network members. These trainings address critical issues in research translation and your participation in them could facilitate enhanced translation of research into practice in your work.

You’ll find on, available trainings on:

A System Level View of Development Challenges

This course aims to help researchers and practitioners develop a system-level view of their area of work that can highlight new focal points, collaboration opportunities, and/or research questions by creating a broader understanding of the holistic context in which development actors operate.

Designing a Training Toward Research Translation

This module will help you learn to use a backward design process, maximize face-to-face time, and design activities that best get to the level of application you expect your trainees to reach.

Effective Planning for Your Project’s Communication Strategy

Walk through a planning template to guide your project’s approach to communications through audience identification, market research, message development, and deployment through products and channels.

Engaging Communities to Enhance Impact and Sustainability of International Partnerships

Discover the common obstacles to and key components of successful community-based partnerships to create impactful and longlasting change in research translation.

Research Gap Identification Using Comprehensive Success Factor Analysis

The main objective of this course is to guide leaders engaged in development through a systematic process to identify research gaps that if addressed could inform development efforts for a specific challenge in a specific context. 

Using Accessible Language in Research Project Communication

Learn simple techniques to enhance the accessibility of your project’s communications to a variety of audiences through examples in verbal, written, and visual communication.

An Introduction to Using Applied Improvisation Techniques to Enhance Research Translation

Learn the basics behind Applied Improvisational Theatre through participatory exercises to drive storytelling and effective communication in your project.

Note that you must be logged in to your account on to access most of the trainings listed above.

Through these online trainings, LASER PULSE seeks to provide assistance to its funded projects but also provide support to network members toward promoting the uptake of best practices in research translation.

In addition, stay tuned for additional modules on Research Leadership and Research Project Management.

Do you have a particular training need that LASER PULSE can support? Please fill out this form to let us know.

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