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Artificial Insemination in Dairy Cattle, a Technology Tool for Genetic Improvement, and Increased Milk Production in the Rwandan Context

In Rwanda, the livestock sector, especially dairy cattle farming, contributes substantially to food and nutrition security, poverty reduction, and farmer income generation. Despite successes in cattle production systems, farmers and technicians encounter several challenges that impede the full expression of cattle’s performance. The main hindrances to full expression are inadequate cattle breeding management (including genetics...

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LASER PULSE Partners with Minority Serving Institutions in Development Research

Researchers in Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs) represent a significant resource of scientific talent to partner with USAID in development research. Development research, in turn, provides new opportunities to MSI researchers to increase the impact of their research and secure new valuable research funding. In view of USAID’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Strategy, the Administration’s...

Technology Tools for Building Resilience of Dairy Farms and Improving Dairy Production in Rwanda project

Professors Facilitate Rwanda Workshops on Dairy Management and Feed Technology

Between April and June, Professors Geoffrey Dahl and Diwakar Viyas (University of Florida), as well as Dirk Maier (Iowa State University), facilitated three workshops at the University of Rwanda - Nyagatare, to equip students in the students in the School of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Production with knowledge and skills in the feed value chain...