The Voices of the Indigenous People of Uganda

The Voices of the Indigenous People of Uganda

Project Description

The USAID/Uganda Mission has established a Regional Coordination Initiative (RCI) that engages local governments, local universities, and researchers as partners in development. The RCI has registered deep concerns regarding perceived violations of the rights of indigenous peoples in Uganda, especially the Ik, Tepeth, and Batwa, as well as child trafficking in the Karamoja region. This buy-in will therefore seek to gain a deeper understanding of the underlying drivers of marginalization of the indigenous peoples, as well as the existing capacities and opportunities, so as to inform development of program interventions.

Sector: Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance

Region: Africa

USAID Operating Unit/Mission: USAID/Uganda

Buy-In Amount: $600,000

Lead Implementer: Makerere University ResilientAfrica Network (RAN)

Other Implementer(s): Gulu University Constituent College (GUCC); Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST). 

Duration: 08/15/2019 – 08/14/2021


The MUST team disseminated the Batwa study findings and engaged in a co-creation workshop with the communities and the USAID/Uganda Mission to identify and prioritize the development challenges.

The GUCC team will continue with full report writing. Afterward, the team will also conduct a dissemination meeting and co-creation of interventions with the target communities in the Karamoja region.

Moving forward, the project will select locally-based implementing partners who will collaboratively develop and adapt solutions on the selected development challenges. MUST, GUCC and RAN will monitor and evaluate the implementation process.


Literature Review On the Voices and Rights of the Batwa, the Ik and the Tepeth Indigenous Peoples and the Trafficking in Persons in Karamoja, Uganda

Project Details

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