Applied Nutrition Research and Capacity-Building in Laos

Applied Nutrition Research and Capacity-Building in Laos

Project Description

Applied Nutrition Research Capacity Building (ANRCB) in Lao PDR

Develop the research capacity of professionals engaged in meeting the development challenges of malnutrition and child stunting in Laos.  

The ultimate goal of this activity is to support Lao research leaders, government staff, and university personnel by strengthening their ability to conduct and utilize quality nutrition research to address malnutrition in Laos. LASER PULSE facilitates this  through engagement and partnership with U.S. universities and institutions. The Laos Country Office is particularly interested in developing the research capacity of professionals engaged in tackling the development challenges of malnutrition and stunting in Laos through an agriculture and food security lens. 

The U.S. Government previously invested $5 million to construct a complex of buildings that will house the Laos American Nutrition Initiative (LANI). LANI is meant to be a center of excellence for scientific research and innovation, where academic exchanges, research, product development, teaching, and demonstrations can take place. The buildings have spaces designated for laboratories, classrooms, kitchens, and demonstrations. To build upon this investment, the Applied Nutritional Research Capacity Building activity is partnering with the Center of Nutrition to set up the Initiative with resources to conduct context-appropriate research and bring U.S. scientists, researchers, universities and institutions to help develop a cadre of Lao research professionals.

Sector: Agriculture and Food Security

Region: Asia

USAID Operating Unit/Mission: USAID/RDMA Laos Country Office

Lead Implementer: Purdue University (International Programs in Agriculture; Health and Human Sciences)

Other Implementer(s): Indiana University; Catholic Relief Services (CRS)

Duration: 10/01/2019 – 9/30/2023

Upcoming: A memorandum of understanding with the Lao  government was approved on April 6, 2021. Efforts now focus on capacity building activities, including developing, translating, and delivering  training materials and other project components.

Outputs: Multiple training activities are being designed and developed in collaboration with Ministry of Health project partners at the Center of Nutrition, the University of Health Sciences, and the Lao Tropical and Public Health Institute. Training activities have been prioritized based on stakeholder needs and will be delivered as a series of modules, to be made available in both Lao and English languages.

Project Details

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