New Resources Available to Assist in Research Translation

New Resources Available to Assist in Research Translation

LASER PULSE is excited to present additional tools and learning modules to Network members that address critical areas in knowledge, understanding, and implementation of Embedded Research Translation. You can find learning modules linked in the titles with accompanying resources linked in the description. View the resources below or as part of our entire catalog of resources at

Dissemination Planning

Learn about the importance of early planning for dissemination in research translation, strategies to effectively deliver solutions toward eventual scale and wider application, and a tool to make sure your dissemination strategy will help your project achieve impact.

Effective Storytelling in Research Translation

Learn more about how to apply key storytelling components and use basic storytelling tips to better assist how you communicate about your project to reach greater impact. Please see as well a companion guide to storytelling.

Harnessing the Power of Nudge in Research Translation 

Learn about behavioral economics and the justification for nudging in research translation, as well as processes to select and implement a nudge toward achieving a target behavior. Look out for a follow-up course soon to walk through a simulation in concepts. Also check out an accompanying overview of nudging.

Simulation in Nudging

After taking Part 1, Harnessing the Power of Nudge in Research Translation, apply your newly learned skills in nudging through simulated scenarios. Complete one scenario in healthcare, food security, or education to practice using key concepts in nudging, and go back to complete additional scenarios as you desire. After applying your skills, take your learnings to your own projects to use nudging to assist in your research translation goals.

Pathways to Policy Change

Learn about the background for the research to policy gap, as well as strategies to plan, do, push, and learn to increase the likelihood of your research impacting policy. Please see an accompanying guide to policy change.

Through these resources, LASER PULSE seeks to provide assistance to its funded projects but also provide support to network members toward promoting the uptake of best practices in research translation.

Note that you must be logged in to your account on to view the resources. You might need to change your password to access your account. We hope these are useful for you as you implement your research translation project. 

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