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Hall in Western Kenya

Leveraging Blockchain to Transform the African Indigenous Vegetable (AIV) Value Chain in Western Kenya

"Now, I finish my work at 10 am instead of 3pm. … I can use my time to work on other crops, to be [a] better mother and serve the community," explained a local farmer who is a participant in the USAID LASER PULSE project focused on exploring how blockchain technology could improve food security...

watershed photo

A Visit to Nairobi and the Sasumua River Watershed

Despite the travel related challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, Margaret Gitau (PI) and Victoria Garibay (Graduate Research Assistant) made a successful field trip to Kenya as part of the LASER PULSE East Africa Water Security (LPEAWS) Project. The primary purpose of the trip was to meet with directors of water, water resources managers, and...

Gitau Presentation

Enhancing Data-Driven Decision-Making in EA Water Resources Management

The Laser Pulse East Africa Project on Water Security (LPEAWS) aims to provide water information, data access, decision support, and training to improve water resources (quantity, quality) management and, ultimately, water security in East Africa. This project focuses on the three East African countries—Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda; water resources challenges are similar among the three...

KALRO workshop

Updates from the Field — Building Sustainable Resilient Supply Chains: A Model of Youth Input Resellers in Kenya

Led by Purdue University and the Kenyan Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization (KALRO) the Building Sustainable Resilient Supply Chains: A Model of Youth Input Resellers in Kenya project aims to identify and train motivated rural youth in Eastern Kenyan counties to become resellers of agricultural inputs working in collaboration with local agro-dealers. The goal is...

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