Multi-Country Study on Inclusive Education (MCSIE)

Multi-Country Study on Inclusive Education (MCSIE)

Project Description

Conduct a multi-country study on inclusive education for learners with disabilities in Cambodia, Malawi, and Nepal.

Sector: Education

Region: Africa, Asia

USAID Operating Unit/Mission: USAID/DDI/EDU (Bureau for Development, Democracy, and Innovation/Center for Education)

Buy-In Amount: $3.285 Million

Lead Implementer: Inclusive Development Partners (IDP)

Other Implementer(s): Cambodian Disabled People’s Organisation (CDPO), Kathmandu University (KU), Invest in Knowledge (IKI)

Duration: 8/5/2019-2/15/2023

Upcoming: Moving forward, IDP, in collaboration with its local and international partners, will continue to review secondary source data from implementing partners in each country along with:

  • Conducting remote key informant interviews (KIIs) with multiple stakeholders, including implementing partner staff, relevant national and local level government officials, representatives from disabled persons’ organizations (DPOs), teachers, and school administrators in Cambodia, Malawi, and Nepal. 
  • Developing interim reports for Cambodia, Malawi, and Nepal which aim to analyze all existing primary and secondary sources collected to date. 
  • Observing virtual and in-person teacher trainings in Cambodia, Malawi, and Nepal. Data will be collected during these trainings in the form of pre-post surveys, focus group discussions, and observations conducted by MCSIE’s local enumerator teams. 
  • Areas of intervention mapping will take place in all three countries to map the existing system and actors engaged in inclusive education teacher training, inclusive instructional approaches, and screening to identify children with disabilities. This work will be used to assess where each MCSIE project stands within the inclusive education system in country. 
  • A comparative case study methodology will be utilized to dig deeply on qualitative factors supporting or hindering access to and learning in inclusive instructional settings.


Multi-Country Study on Inclusive Education Overview PowerPoint


Learning from the Multi-Country Study on Inclusive EducationLearning from the Multi-Country Study on Inclusive Education

Project Details

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