Evaluation of Somalia’s Accelerated Quality Learning (Bar Ama Baro)

Evaluation of Somalia’s Accelerated Quality Learning (Bar Ama Baro)

Project Description

USAID’s Accelerated Quality Learning for Somali Children and Youth (AQL) activity will support accelerated education programming using a two-phase approach. During phase one “the pilot phase“ the implementing partner will test multiple accelerated education program (AEP) models across three regions in Somalia. Data from the pilot will inform phase two, “the scale-up phase,“ which will implement promising models in new districts or regions. This evaluation aims to understand the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of various AEP pilot models (or components of models) designed and delivered by the Implementing partner (IP) during the pilot phase of Somalia’s AQL project (estimated 2019-2021). The evaluation will include measures of effectiveness, cost-effectiveness, and lessons learned that will inform decision-making for the Scale-up project phase.

Sector: Education

Region: Africa

USAID Operating Unit/Mission: USAID/Somalia

Buy-In Amount: $900,000

Lead Implementer: Purdue (ELRC, College of Education)

Other Implementer(s): Makerere; Somali Disaster Resilience Institute (SDRI)

Duration:  12/01/2020-7/31/2023

Project Details

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