Support to Traditional Cultural Practices in Northern Iraq

Support to Traditional Cultural Practices in Northern Iraq

Project Description

The purpose of this project is to identify and re-establish the agro-based cultural practices of major minority groups in Northern Iraq who were affected by ISIS. This project will entail an initial period of deep ethnographic research and comprehensive data collection to address the core research questions, followed by an implementation period to help in re-establishing the identified agro-based cultural practices. (UND, Purdue, IU)

Sector: Agriculture and Food Security; Response to Crises and Conflict

Region: Middle East

USAID Operating Unit/Mission: USAID/LAB/FO

Buy-In Amount: $5.12 million

Duration:  08/19/2019-09/30/2022

Lead Implementer: University of Notre Dame (Pulte Institute for Global Development)

Other Implementer(s): University of Duhok; Indiana University (Anthropology); Purdue (IPIA; CLA/Anthropology)

Upcoming: The analysis from the literature review and comprehensive data collection will feed into a design phase, in which the team will determine how to use the research findings to inform an implementation phase. Implementation will commence around August 2021 and continue through Sept. 2022.

In the meantime, the team will generate a report for the data collected, and further presentation to USAID and other international NGOs operating in Iraq. The research team from University of Duhok, SIPRI, and UND will also generate publishable pieces that could be submitted to peer-reviewed journals.

During this next phase, UND and partners will also look for ways to strengthen the capacity of the University of Duhok to implement the findings with technical support from IU and Purdue as needed, based on what the research determines to be most appropriate approaches for re-establishing cultural practices of the Islamic State-targeted communities in northern Iraq.


Literature Review on Minorities, Cultural Practices, and Destruction by the Islamic State

Project Details

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