Bureau of Humanitarian Assistance South Sudan MYE Impact Evaluation

Bureau of Humanitarian Assistance South Sudan MYE Impact Evaluation

Project Description

Design and implement an impact evaluation, using experimental methods, of a multi-year emergency (MYE) food security activity in South Sudan. Emergency awards are typically short-term interventions, 18 months or less, designed to provide food assistance to save lives, reduce suffering, and support the early recovery of populations affected by both acute and protracted emergencies. However, BHA pursued a pilot multi-year emergency project under the premise that longer-term emergency interventions, in certain circumstances, can help populations move beyond relief assistance to longer-term recovery. MYE activities may also mitigate the impact of shocks, prevent the erosion of household assets and livelihoods, and accelerate recovery—contributing to the future resilience of affected households and communities. These MYE activities have the potential to provide a critical link between humanitarian and development programs, and rigorous evaluation can contribute to the evidence base for effectively designing and implementing multi-year emergency activities. The purpose of this evaluation is to measure the impact of the Bureau of Humanitarian Assistance’s (BHA) MYE emergency grant in beneficiary communities of South Sudan that are prone to both natural and man-made disasters.

Sector: Humanitarian Assistance

Region: Africa

USAID Operating Unit/Mission: USAID/BHA/TPQ/DMEAL

Buy-In Amount: $1,000,000

Duration: 12/1/2020 – 7/31/2023

Lead Implementer: University of Notre Dame

Other Implementer(s): Resilient Africa Network; University of Juba; GEWLP

Upcoming: The team plans to finalize research design. Upon completion, they will collect baseline data from research sites. Establishing this baseline will enable the team to evaluate the multi-year intervention across approximately 169 treatment and control villages in Western Bahr El-Ghazal and Unity states of South Sudan.

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