Enduring Results 4.0 Study Learning Events


Enduring Results 4.0 Study Learning Events

The private sector is playing an unprecedented role in creating and shaping opportunities that improve the lives of the people and communities USAID supports. To continue to foster effective engagement between USAID and the private sector, the Agency launched a series of Enduring Results Studies (ERS) in 2016 to examine what drives enduring results in its private sector partnerships. 

Building on the three previous ERS reports, USAID collaborated with LASER PULSE to produce the fourth iteration (ERS 4.0) of the series, which takes a closer look at partnership characteristics that past studies found to be especially relevant in shaping enduring results, including local vs. global partnership orientation, nature of private sector contributions, market orientation, and partnership duration.  The examination of these characteristics and their role in producing enduring results, the three ‘building blocks of enduring results’ – ownership, trust, and agility – emerged through interviews and analysis as an underlying explanation for why certain partnership characteristics could be relevant in producing enduring results. In total, 82% (14 of 17) partnerships studied by ERS 4.0 were assessed to have produced enduring results. Of these, the results of about half of the partnerships that sustained also grew in scale. 

To discuss the findings of ERS 4.0 with the broader development and private sector community, USAID will be organizing a series of learning events that will provide an overview of the study as well dive into specific partnership characteristics and their relationship with sustaining and scaling outcomes and activities. If you are interested in attending these events or would like to learn more about ERS, please fill out this short interest form.

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