New Templates available for Research Translation

New Templates available for Research Translation

The LASER PULSE Research Translation team is excited to present templates and tools now available to Network Members. These resources are intended to directly support research translation projects by addressing critical areas in knowledge, understanding, and implementation. View the tools below or on our website to see what would be helpful to you in your research translation work.

Research Translation Materials include:

  • Research Translation Implementation Planning Template, covering key considerations for research translation implementation in PartnershipCollaborative ProcessTranslation Product, and Dissemination.
  • Communications Strategy Template, featuring in-depth considerations for the communications component of research translation, such as target audience identification, message and product development, and promotion through channels. This tool will assist you in preparing to actively engage others toward the uptake of your findings.
  • Policy Brief Template, offering guidance and a template toward developing a critical product for delivering messages in the policy sphere.
  • Project Summary Template, offering guidance and a template toward developing a critical product for describing your project and findings to key stakeholders.
  • How to Plan for and Utilize a Brief, highlighting what to focus on during your planning stages for creating a briefing document, and subsequently how to use the brief once it’s been completed.
  • Utilizing Accessible Language in Research Translation, focusing on justification for and methods to use more accessible language to increase clarity in communication for research translation. This narrative will be complemented by an online training module.

Note that you must be logged in to your account on to view the resources.

Stay tuned to for additional resources on stakeholder mapping and engagement, planning for dissemination, and bridging gaps between researchers and local communities.

Watch out for online training modules on communications as a tool for research translation. You’ll learn how to implement a communications strategy for your project, use accessible language in how you discuss your project, and even employ exercises within Applied Improvisational Theatre to aid how you present you work.

We hope these are useful for you as you implement your research translation project. Please give us feedback within the individual files on the site.

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