Purpose-Context Mapping for Development Challenges

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Purpose-Context Mapping for Development Challenges

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Overview: This course introduces learners to an innovation tool called Purpose-Context Mapping. This tool can help learners understand the nuanced variations in development challenges that play a key role in the successful translation of solutions in these contexts.

Description: Purpose-Context Mapping is a tool with wide utility across all stages of the translation value chain, though, it is most powerful when used to understand variations in the rationale underlying the intents of beneficiaries (i.e., purposes) and the breadth of situations or environments of use (i.e., contexts) faced by potential beneficiaries of a related solution that could affect the viability of a given solution form.

There are three main objectives for this course:

First, is to learn how to create a Purpose-Context Map for a development challenge of your interest; second, is to learn how to utilize the Purpose-Context Map to understand the design needs of identified beneficiaries in different circumstances, and third, is to reflect on solution paths with limited flexibility, limited ability to scale, and/or lower likelihood of adoption, and focus on solution pathways with a higher probability of impact.

Authored by Joseph V. Sinfield, Romika R. Kotian, Akash M. Patil Purdue University, Innovation and Leadership Studies Program © 2020

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