A System-Level View of Development Challenges

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A System-Level View of Development Challenges

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Overview: This course introduces learners to new perspectives on complex global development challenges that can help them analyze their own work and facilitate the revelation of valuable opportunities in their area of development work.

Description: A System-level View serves as an important perspective that enables the development of high-impact solutions by creating a broader understanding of the holistic context in which development actors operate.

There are three main objectives for this course:

First, is to learn how to develop a System-level View of a complex problem in a familiar context; second, is to apply a System-level View to a specific challenge that is the focus of your own work; and third, is to reflect on the insight gained from this perspective to articulate new activity focal points, collaboration opportunities, and/or research questions for your own work.

Authored by Joseph V. Sinfield, Romika R. Kotian, Akash M. Patil Purdue University, Innovation and Leadership Studies Program © 2020

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    i would like to thank all our facilitators for the great materials and job well done to train us as senior leaders in Research through this platform.

    April 27, 2022 at 2:55 am

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