SPADe Madagascar SDA Supplementary Material

The supplementary documents shared presents the data preparation and analysis syntaxes (Stata do files) used in the Secondary Data Analysis (SDA) component of the USAID/BHA/TPQ/SPADe Madagascar RFSA Activity Design project. The research undertaken in this project will inform the design of the FY24 Resilience and Food Security Activity (RFSA) in Madagascar, which will serve the needs of rural Malagasy communities affected by chronic nutrition and food insecurity. This project is supported through a buy-in from USAID/BHA/TPQ/SPADe into the Long-term Assistance and Services for Research (LASER) project currently in place between USAID/DDI/ITR/R and Purdue University under a cooperative agreement # 7200AA18C00009. This project has been executed by Abt Associates under a sub-contract with Purdue University.