LASER PULSE / Shah Lab Poster Competition

poster competition
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Instructions for LASER PULSE / Shah Lab Poster Competition

All Participants including poster submissions and voting must do the following:

Register for membership at LASER PULSE

  • Please allow up to 24 hours for approval of membership requests. 
  • Please complete as much information as possible on membership request form. This allows other LASER PULSE members to find you for collaboration opportunities!
  • A valid name and email address are required for membership.

Once you have received a confirmation email from LASER PULSE, do the following:

From the poster competition section:


Poster Submissions
  • Poster submissions must be made to at least two sections – Posters (Entries) + Research Subject Section.
  • If research covers more than one topical area, please feel free to post to multiple research sections.
  • Submissions must follow the format requirements for both posters and accompanying videos listed in the Rules & Directions section.


  • Vote for as many posters as you like by “liking” the individual posts for each poster entries.
  • Feel free to ask follow-up questions within the specific posts.
  • Collaboration is encouraged for poster competitors and voters!